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About La’Toya

As a young girl, I knew that my life's calling revolved around empowering individuals to achieve success. I grew up in a broken home and have seen first hand the effects that it can have on our mental health and how we interact within our communities. My initial aspiration was to pursue a career in social work or law, driven by a desire to be to others what others have been to me. However, my journey soon revealed that the scope of helping people extended beyond traditional social services. I came to understand that as long as I remained aligned with my life's purpose, God would do the rest.

I am an author, speaker and Lifestyle coach. Over the course of twenty years, I've dedicated myself to guiding individuals in discovering their inherent strengths and gifts. I've witnessed their triumphs and find fulfillment in empowering them to be who God created them to be.

Each morning, I wake with a burning passion to empower individuals and their families to embrace the divine purpose that awaits them. My hope is that you will come to the realization that you have been gifted with a purpose, and God created you for such a time as this.

Discover Your Inner Strength

Work-Life Balance:

Develop strategies to balance professional and personal life' reduce stress and prevent burnout, enhance overall well-being and life satisfaction.

Personal Goal Setting:

Set and achieve meaningful personal and professional goals; create actionable plans to stay accountable; overcome obstacles and celebrate successes.

Health and Wellness:

Cultivate healthy habits and routines; address physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, achieve a holistic approaching to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

You have the power to create positive change in their lives, and I am here to support you on your journey towards personal growth and transformation.

Services Provided

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Life Coaching (3-month Committment)

Package Includes:

1-90-minute Discovery Session

Mindset Assessment

Personal S.W.O.T

12-Bi-weekly 60 minute Sessions

Email and Text Support

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

Personalized Action Plan

The Empowered You Journal

Total: $ 1000.00

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Health Coaching (3-month committment)

Package Includes:

1-90 minute Discovery Session

12-Bi-weekly 60 minute sessions

Customized Fitness and Nutrition Plans

Email and Text Support

Access to workout routines

Personalized Meal Plans

Lifestyle and Habit Transformation

Easy to Use Mobile App and Website

In App Group Support

Total: $900

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Book Coaching (3-month Committment)

Package Includes:

1-90-minute Discovery Session

8- 60 minute virtual sessions

held twice a month

Email and Text Support

Copy editing


Self Publishing Assistance

Writing journal

Total: $800

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Anchored Book Bundle

Empowered You Journal: $10.00

Purposely Driven Journal: $10.00

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Book, Study Guide, and Journal: $35.00

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Purposely Driven Podcast

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Listen Here

Be Our Guest

Are you interested in being a guest on my podcast? Are you African American, live in the Acadiana area, and consider yourself purposely driven? Great news! In order to keep up with demand you can now complete an interest form to be considered for an interview. Interview spots fill up quickly so don't linger.

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Praise from clients

I love my clients

Director of AIE: Lafayette

I love that it made my students think big. That's totally encouraged by us, but needs to be encouraged more.

Keesha Buteau

I booked a vision board party with Empowered with Purpose and it EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS! La'Toya was very professional, arrived early for set up, provided needed supplies, and did an awesome job making my guests feel welcomed and engaged. She did a great job explaining the purpose of the vision board and was a phenomenal facilitator. Each of my guests raved on the event and we are all looking forward to the next vision board party!

Rachel G.

Truth, grace, relationship building skills, this book covers it. What a resource and gift!


What types of clients do you work with?

  • Conference and Event Organizers
  • Business Leaders
  • Senior Leadership and Management Teams
  • Community Organizations
  • Non-profit Agencies
  • Church Groups

What Are Your Topics of Interest?

  • Marriage and Family
  • Women Empowerment
  • Mental Health
  • Health and Wellness

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How Do You Deliver Your Content?

Content is delivered as a Keynote, Workshop or Webinar Session.

  • Keynote Sessions can be held in person or virtually for 60-90 minutes
  • Workshops can be held in person or virtually and for 45-60 minutes
  • Webinar can be held virtually for 60-90 minutes

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